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The Foreign-Trade Zine is the eMagazine of the Foreign-Trade Zone community. Each month, we cover local, national, and international news that affects FTZ operators, users, and Grantees. We also catalog Federal Register notices published by the Department of Commerce so you can keep abreast of the activity in the program across the country. Ready to get started? Send an email with the subject line “Subscribe” to

September 30, 2021

FTZ’ine October 2021

Happy New Year! – Happy New Government Fiscal Year that is. FY 2022 starts today and while it does not have a budget, it does have temporary funding approved just hours ago by both chambers of Congress and the President. That postpones concerns of a government shutdown . . . until December 3rd when the new spending authorization will expire. […]
September 1, 2021

FTZ’ine September 2021

16 Years To The Day: Its an eerie anniversary. Category 4 Hurricane Ida slammed into Louisiana’s Gulf Coast on Sunday, exactly 16 years to the day after Hurricane Katrina did the same. The financial impact of this week’s massive storm is expected to be less severe than Katrina, thanks in part to a lower storm surge. Also credit New Orleans’ […]
August 3, 2021

FTZ’ine August 2021

Things Could Get Bumpy Again. . . . The August peak for trans-Pacific Ocean freight is now upon us, but transportation lanes never fully recovered from their pandemic-induced woes. That means longer wait times and higher prices may be in the future and spot rates are already at multiples of pandemic and pre-pandemic pricing. Floods in Germany and China exacerbated […]
July 1, 2021

FTZ’ine July 2021

What’s Bugging Washington? Brood X (pronounced “Brood 10”) has taken over your Nation’s Capital.  There are 15 broods of periodical cicadas in the United States, and this one is now in every corner of the city after 17 years of hibernation. Thinking of riding your motorcycle into DC for the July 4th celebration?  The FTZine staff recommends a full face […]