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The Foreign-Trade Zine is the eMagazine of the Foreign-Trade Zone community. Each month, we cover local, national, and international news that affects FTZ operators, users, and Grantees. We also catalog Federal Register notices published by the Department of Commerce so you can keep abreast of the activity in the program across the country. Ready to get started? Send an email with the subject line “Subscribe” to

May 3, 2022

FTZ’ine May 2022

The Shift Is On – In baseball putting on the shift means concentrating your defense on one side of the field where the current batter likes to hit. It is easy to tell when ‘The Shift’ is on because the defensive players are squeezed into a smaller-than-normal section of the field, and large parts of the field are wide open. […]
April 5, 2022

FTZ’ine April 2022

No Foolin’ – The US economy added over 430,000 jobs last month. That is not a misprint – the pace of recovery from the pandemic has been robust in the United States. The war in Ukraine has made it impossible for Europe to join in that economic growth, however, and despite signs that warfare may be abating, millions of homeless, […]
March 1, 2022

FTZ’ine March 2022

Change Your Password – A remarkable series of world events coincided to make for a very exciting month in international trade. After weeks of buildup, Russia invaded Ukraine and fighting and casualties are fierce in areas such as the capital Kyiv. The United States and Europe made good on their promises to punish Russia for military action and installed sanctions […]
February 1, 2022

FTZ’ine February 2022

2022 Off To An Electrifying Start – The Potomac River is indeed frozen right now, but there was still a lot of trade news flowing from Washington in the first month of the year. The largest changes to the HTSUS in five years were just implemented by CBP last week. New entry summary filing rules went into effect to execute […]