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The Foreign-Trade Zine is the eMagazine of the Foreign-Trade Zone community. Each month, we cover local, national, and international news that affects FTZ operators, users, and Grantees. We also catalog Federal Register notices published by the Department of Commerce so you can keep abreast of the activity in the program across the country. Ready to get started? Send an email with the subject line “Subscribe” to

May 5, 2020

FTZ’ine May 2020

We Could All Use Some Angels Right Now – The Blue Angels (and Thunderbirds) were in town this past weekend to salute the heroic work of first responders and health care workers around the country. The hospital flyover by the Navy and Air Force precision air teams provided a much-needed distraction in your Nation’s Capital.Then it was back to reality. […]
April 2, 2020

FTZ’ine April 2020

Groundhog Day – It was fun at first. Staying home from work. Staying home from school. Teaching Grandma to Zoom. But now the days are starting to run together for the FTZine staff. No one has to go to work today . . . again. The kids are home from school today . . .again. There’s no toilet paper at […]
March 3, 2020

FTZ’ine March 2020

Coronavirus – one word pretty much sums up the news from last month, whether the topic was economics, trade, or politics. Soccer teams playing to empty stadiums in Europe. Commercial flight cancellations reducing air freight capacity. A 15 year bull market coming to a screeching halt. Factories, especially in China’s Hubei Province, completely closed or struggling to produce without employees […]
February 4, 2020

FTZ’ine February 2020

The 2020 Election Heats Up – Yesterday, the Iowa caucuses began in earnest, kicking off the voting for a Democratic challenger this November. The Senate is expected to formally vote tomorrow to bring an end to the impeachment trial of President Trump. With impeachment proceedings complete, and primary voting in full swing, the 2020 campaign is likely to consume all […]