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May 1, 2019

May 2019

Down To The Wire Although the 2020 Presidential election may seem far off at the moment, it is already having an impact on the Congressional schedule for legislation, including trade agreements. Just one month ago, President Trump told lawmakers that he is intent on trying to get a new trade agreement between the United States, Mexico, and Canada implemented before […]
April 1, 2019

April 2019

Now Can We Talk About Trade? The Cherry Blossoms are out, and so is the Mueller Report. Spring has finally come to your Nation’s Capital. There were hopes in the international commerce community that release of the Report on possible collusion with Russia would allow a return to focus on broader issues facing Congress and the Administration. Unfortunately, both branches […]
March 1, 2019

March 2019

China Negotiations Take Center Stage Two issues consumed the headlines in Washington last month – funding for a wall at the border with Mexico and the continuing negotiations with China on trade. Other trade issues such as free trade agreements with Canada, Mexico, Japan, the European Union, and even Brexit were swept off the stage here in the Nation’s Capital. […]
February 1, 2019

February 2019

A Historic Month The Federal Government returned to work earlier this week after the longest government shutdown in American history. At 35 days it easily surpassed the previous record holder which took place over 21 days from 1995 to 1996 under President Bill Clinton. Reopening the government put the Department of Commerce back to work, but no FTZ Board activity […]