ISCM is a Washington, DC based consulting firm with unmatched experience in Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) applications, setup, technology, and regulatory agency insight.


Decades of Experience Making Trade Compliance Work


Whether you are a company looking to improve your cost competitiveness, or an economic development organization looking for a way to attract local investment, we can show you how this federal program can shave millions from the cost of doing business internationally, and help buffer your organization against abrupt cost increases in a constantly changing trade environment. Already running an FTZ? Support from our team gives you access to a level of experience unmatched in the industry. No more waiting for your ticket to ‘escalate’!

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Requirements for compliant imports and exports have never been more stringent, changed more rapidly, or been the subject of such strict enforcement. Put our extensive trade compliance experience to work to show you how a deep understanding of the requirements can be exercised to reduce cost and risk through technology. Whatever trade compliance program you are looking to automate, we can smooth the implementation process.

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Any importing organization has the potential to be flagged for an audit by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Exporting organizations face a similar situation, but the legal responsibilities for exporters are even more stringent and penalties more severe. Foreign-Trade Zones are assured of regular record inspection for their local CBP office. Don’t guess. Let ISCM help you identify gaps in your audit preparation to ensure that your compliance systems are ready for review.

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The backbone of your organization’s ability to comply with import/export regulations is the knowledge and ability of your personnel. ISCM can determine where the gaps are in your organization’s trade compliance program and deliver training to close those gaps. Even if it is just a refresher on how your FTZ operates, we can tailor a training program to your needs.

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  • Travis Van Genderen | Director, Supply Chain

    “I am not sure how we would have completed our foreign-trade zone implementation without ISCM.  We have a complicated manufacturing operation with an international supply base.  ISCM was able to spot and address problem areas before they became impossible hurdles.  Now that our FTZ is live in the factory, we use ISCM to support our administrative staff whenever they need it.”

    Travis Van Genderen | Director, Supply Chain
    AGCO – Jackson Operations
  • 土本 哲也 | General Manager | Logistics Promotion Department

    我々の米国における活動に最も効果的な結果をもたらす方法は、単純なFTZの運用ではありませんでした。 難易度の高い我々の要求に対し、ISCMはそれを達成する為の革新的な方法を見つけ、アメリカだけでなく日本においてもこのプロジェクトに取り組むスタッフをサポートしてくれました。 必要な承認を得る為に、私たちに代わって州並びに連邦政府と粘り強く交渉したくれたISCMに心から感謝しています。



    土本 哲也 | General Manager | Logistics Promotion Department
    KUBOTA Corporation
  • Diane Schwenke | President/CEO
    ISCM met with federal officials time and again to keep our FTZ moving.  We really appreciated how they understood the budget for our project and remained focused on achieving our goals within available resources.  I would recommend ISCM as the first call for any organization trying to access the U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones program.
    Diane Schwenke | President/CEO
    Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Gabrielle Yarbrough | Import/Export Compliance Analyst II/FTZ Specialist
    I wish everyone supported our zone project the way ISCM does!  As the FTZ Specialist responsible for administering all five of our zone sites, I need fast answers when questions or problems do come up.  We get a fast response no matter when we call or write, and with ISCM, I never have to wait for my issue to be escalated!  Our team in Japan reaches out from time to time as well, so we really appreciate their ability to handle our questions from time zones all over the globe.
    Gabrielle Yarbrough | Import/Export Compliance Analyst II/FTZ Specialist
    Kubota Manufacturing of America
  • Laylan Hime, AZS, CCS
    Our zones were already in place when we hired ISCM, and we have a top-notch compliance group that takes care of import requirements such as classification of our products from around the world.  We use ISCM’s experience when we have specific questions related to FTZ operations here in the Port of LA.  It is great to know I have the support I need when questions or problems come up.
    Laylan Hime, AZS, CCS
  • Eric Timms | IT Manager
    Right from the start of the project it became obvious that ISCM had the experience we needed to make our FTZ project successful.  It was like learning a new language, and all of our folks really appreciated the patient way training was provided to make sure we were as ready as possible for our first day.  Now we are able to run an effective zone project for our textiles distribution center, and know help is available whenever we need it.
    Eric Timms | IT Manager
    Himatsingka America, Inc.
  • Richard Haroian
    Our business model requires the uninterrupted movement of a significant volume of finished goods, parts and accessories across international borders – particularly into and out of the United States - which is a challenge in a dynamic trade environment.  We have a sophisticated import/export compliance group, but when specific foreign trade zone operating advice is needed, we rely on ISCM.  ISCM personnel have had the practical, hands-on experience of actually administering/operating a foreign trade zone. That is why we use ISCM and why I would recommend ISCM to anyone for whom compliance with U.S. Customs regulations in their FTZ operations is a prerequisite for success.
    Richard Haroian
    Vice President
  • Nick Felice | President/CEO
    As an economic development professional it was refreshing to work with a company that really understood the needs of the international business community, as well as those of the civic groups and officials charged with diversifying the local economy.  ISCM quickly focused us on the tasks that would be productive to reach our goals, and helped us understand aspects of foreign-trade zone setup and administration that had not been clear to us before.  I recommend they be the first call for any organization considering the FTZ program.
    Nick Felice | President/CEO
    Mifflin County Industrial Development Corporation
  • Anna Adamski | Corporate Secretary and Management Board
    Our CEO did an analysis that said our FTZ project would improve our margins and help us expand our export opportunities.  That is a significant cost reduction for our distribution company.  ISCM guided us through every step of the process and now supports our successful zone project via email, telephone, and in person whenever we request.
    Anna Adamski | Corporate Secretary and Management Board
    Tele-Fonika Cable Americas Corporation
  • Kristi Pollard | President & CEO
    Jefferson County Economic Development Corp. has been fortunate to be able to utilize the expertise of ISCM to usher us through the entire process of setting up a foreign-trade zone . The team at ICSM has worked tirelessly with government officials in our area and in Washington, D.C. to shepherd our application though the complicated FTZ approval process.  They also helped us understand the role of the administrator and helped us through the entire implementation process. We are so pleased with the care and time ICSM took to explain our responsibilities to ensure that we were fully prepared when our approval was given by the FTZ Board. ICSM and their team are true professionals who are extremely knowledgeable and helpful which is why they should be any entity’s first call when investigating a foreign-trade zone.
    Kristi Pollard | President & CEO
    Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation
  • Col (ret) Douglas Lengenfelder, USAF | Cambria County Pennsylvania
    I am no stranger in Washington, but we reached out to ISCM when we needed someone to go to bat for us with the specific DC officials that had to support our project.  Ever mindful of budget constraints, we had been working independently on our foreign-trade zone project without making much headway.  Things really started to happen once we got ISCM involved, and now FTZ #295 has been established to support employment in our southwest Pennsylvania business community.
    Col (ret) Douglas Lengenfelder, USAF | Cambria County Pennsylvania
    Former Presidential Commissioner
  • Lee Churchwell | Logistics Manager/FTZ Administrator
    Don’t tell Sean, but most of the consultants we talked to told us our FTZ project was impossible.  ISCM showed us the changes we would need to make to our approach in order to make our vision a reality.  Now we produce over 200,000 tractors, implements and utility vehicles per year on 11 production lines in 5 different Georgia factories using the Foreign-Trade Zones program.  They not only showed us exactly what to do, but helped us along every step on the way, and now support our growing zone project whenever we need it.
    Lee Churchwell | Logistics Manager/FTZ Administrator
    Kubota Manufacturing of America/Kubota Industrial Equipment