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Training doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all any more, so now you can leverage the experience and expertise of ISCM where and when you need it, no matter your role in trade compliance. Think about how your organization learns best and contact ISCM to put your program together:


The interactivity of in-person training still gives attendees the richest immersion in a given subject. It also eliminates distraction, ensuring companies get the most bang for their buck in an intensive, engaging atmosphere.


For a lot of folks, hybrid working is here to stay. That means you need a training solution that can pivot too. Let us put together a live webinar that respects all the different ways you and your team are operating. Live participation guarantees the ability to get everyone's questions answered.


ISCM offers a complete online training solution that is perfect as a refresher or as initial training for full zone administration. We have a complete online FTZ training solution that is perfect as a refresher or as initial training for new zone administration personnel. Get training on your time schedule, not someone else's, and go as fast or slow as you want, repeating concepts as needed. Plus, our operator training series comes with an opportunity to ask live questions of the pros once you finish your online classes.


Need something different, or have a specific topic you need to address with your organization? Examples of tailored sessions we recently produced include:
• Receiving procedures and how to report seal discrepancies
• When an adjustment isn't really an adjustment
• What does scrap really mean?
• Bonding your exports - Do's and Don'ts

This is just a sample of the targeted training we can prepare to suit your exact needs. Delivery can be the way that fits best for your organization

FTZ Grantees:

ISCM offers multiple training offerings to meet the widely varying needs of FTZ Grantees, the lynchpin of this federal economic development program. We can address your prospects to dispel the misinformation out there surrounding the FTZ program. Our introductory program uses an engaging format to cover:

  • How and why the FTZ program was created
  • Fun facts (and myths!) about the program
  • How it saves manufacturers and distributors money
  • How much does it cost?
  • What prospects should do next

We can also help address your internal training needs with programs to help Grantee administrative staff understand their role and responsibilities.

FTZ Operators, Users, and Operator/Users:

Our own Sean Lydon and Melissa Irmen provide educational and engaging sessions that cover how:
• U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones can save importers millions of dollars in operating costs
• The FTZ program enhances the supply chain activity you are already engaged in
• Successful operations manage an FTZ
• You can get started leveraging the FTZ program

ISCM has a complete online FTZ training solution that is perfect as a refresher or as initial training for new zone administration personnel:
• Training on your time schedule, not someone else's
• Go as fast or slow as you want, repeat concepts as needed
• Customized training specific to your organization also available
• ISCM annual service contract customers receive a 30% discount on all materials
• Purchase of the entire course (eight classes) entitles you to receive a certificate of completion plus 30 minutes of one-on-one time with an FTZ expert to answer your specific questions and relate the federal regulations to your unique situation.

Ready to get started?  View the list of online courses available and start on your path to improved compliance today. Or contact us today to see how we can get you the training resources you need.




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